This is a Digital Garden, so you will need some gardening tools.

What is an issue.

Issues are at their core a collection of things. These can be articles links to other parts of the web. Images, Data Visualizations and much more.

They are meant to tie things together in a consumable package.

If you are making a course, the course could be made of issues, which represent topics.

The issues bring together many lessons into articles.

There are components made for rendering articles in an issue. Like the <MarkdownSnippet/> component. This component is used when you want to render the article directly, instead of just linking to it, or cutting an excerpt.

import { getEntry } from "astro:content";
import ArticleTeaser from "../../components/ArticleTeaser.astro";
export const article = await getEntry(
        {/* Components to override or add */}
    cta="Read more about getting started"    
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What is an article.

Articles are the topics that warrant their own page, but likely will also end up (at least partially) shown in an issue.

Articles have access to some special tricks that make them easier to render inside an issue. One example of this is the <More/> component.

You can use <More/> to add things that should show in the article but be hidden when rendered elsewhere.

 Stuff that should be shown in the full article, but not in an issue. 
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